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Ciara Gets to York Poetry Finals

February 9th 2016

Ciara at York Finals!

It is always so fantastic when our students enjoy coming to Vibe Performing Art's classes and really get the most out of what we have to offer, but, it is even more amazing when a student manages to take things to a whole new level and begins to compete in the Drama and Theatre world.

Ciara seems to have flourished since she joined. She even won a competition in school performing poetry & is through to the semi finals in York, so a big thank you to you and Jane! She seems to have found her confidence!

Ciara, pictured right, has taken her poetry skills to compete at the York Literature Festival in the York Poetry Finals, well we just couldn't be more pleased for you, Ciara, and we wish you the very best with this challenge! Most of all, enjoy yourself!

You can read more about the literature festival by visiting