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It’s A Kind Of Magic

Sunday 1st July 2019

A family household in complete chaos is turned upside down, when our favourite flying Nanny arrives in town !

This inspiring and uplifting show is guaranteed to challenge the life you lead, as you open your mind to the magic of music and see…

“What happens to the feelings when we feel like giving in, if we add a daily dose of dance and find a special song to sing !”

Past Performances


Sunday 9th December 2018

“Is she ill ? Daft ? Or in some kind of trance ?”

“Nonsense” said the Doctor “This girl was born to dance!”

Your chance to enjoy some fantastic street theatre, as some of Vibe Performing Arts students bring to life the inspiring true story of Dame Gillian Lynne.

Guaranteed to give you a sparkle and shine in the season of love …….as the stars all around are revealed


Sunday 7th July 2018

An inspiring production, created by over 60 students from Vibe Performing Arts Academy in Leeds.

Following the adventures of a feisty youth – searching for her destiny in the great circle of life. Every moment of this powerful and moving story has significant meaning and purpose. A journey full of colourful characters and personal struggles that we can all undoubtedly relate to. This exciting musical teaches us unforgettable lessons about life and death, shame, envy, betrayal, sibling rivalry, devastation, forgiveness, love and true friendship, which come in all shapes and sizes !

With explosive percussion and dance, enchanting music and singing: “be prepared to find the problem free philosophy….. oh yes the past can hurt, but the way we see it – you can either run from it or learn from it !”

All profits proceed to St Georges Crypt charity.

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